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"Noelle has a knack, don't know how else to put it.  She can pull a room together in minutes, and all of the sudden, it just makes sense."

Lisa D.

"I used Little Bit o' Help to re-purpose my son's room after he moved out.  Now I have a dedicated space for my hobbies AND my exercise equipment!  And it's ALL MINE!  Thank you so much!"

Nicole B.

"I like to have Noelle and her team come and do a re-fresh every 6 months or so.  My elderly FIL lives with us, and we are sorting through his memorabilia.  Her methods are straightforward and very logical. I highly recommend."

Timothy C.

"I had hit the wall with my home.  I didn't even like coming home anymore, there was no empty space, anywhere.  I called Noelle, and she showed up with a box of bags and a good attitude, and we just started to dig in.  She's like an old friend, honest and tough.  I will NEVER go back to my old ways!

Jennifer S.

I felt like I was ALWAYS running somewhere, but never getting anything done.  I had lists everywhere that never seemed to make it to my purse, and my house was always in a state of disarray.  I thought that's just the way life had to be with little kids.  Noelle taught me how to look at my time in chunks, my errands in groups, and my house as a container.  Seriously life changing.

Becky L.

Hubs and I decided to downsize, but were completely overwhelmed with the 30 years of stuff our old house contained.  Noelle systematically  worked us through the house, with the vision of our new house and the life we wanted to live there, firmly in place with every decision.  Can't say it was painless, but SO much easier than I thought it would be.  We could never have done it alone, thank you, Little Bit o' Help!

Maureen and Kevin B.

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